Doctor Who: Some (Gallifreyan) Statistics

This is a bit of a random and short one because I’ve got a friend over and we’re more or less giggling and skipping through Leeds quoting Lewis Carroll at random. Twas brillig and the slithy toves…


In The Day of the Doctor, it was said that at the time of its ostensible destruction, there were 2.47 billion children on Gallifrey.

In 2010, following a population pyramid of the world, there were 6.92 billion humans on Earth. Taking children to mean the under-15s (this is a bit arbitrary, I know – but how does one define ‘child’?), 26.5% of humanity were children in 2010, or 1.83 billion. If Gallifrey has a similar population pyramid (which is something of an assumption), its population at the time of destruction will have been about 9.32 billion. A quick Google search shows that there seems to be little known about the exact size of the Gallifreyan population, but according to the TARDIS wiki, Gallifrey itself is several times larger than Earth. Given pre-1989 Who‘s propensity for filming almost any story set on an alien planet in a quarry, given the existence of a rather extensive Death Zone, and given the fact that in The Deadly Assassin, the areas outside the Capitol seem like more or less a waste land. Therefore, I’d be inclined to assume Gallifrey is urbanised to the extreme, in that most of its population lives in large (domed) cities and that the rest of the planet is somewhat wild, rather arid in places, and difficult to live in. One would indeed have to have a planet several times the size of Earth to house a population of 9.32 billion in nothing but cities.

Population density in the cities must be insane. But 9.32 billion sounds reasonable. I’ll keep this as head canon until it is refuted (or, you know, confirmed…) by anything properly canonical.


I’m still doing the Bechdel Test thing of pre-1989 Who. These are my findings thus far (going by serials currently available to me only):

First Doctor (90.80%):
Susan 100%
Barbara 100%
Vicki 86%
Dodo 100%
Polly 67%

Second Doctor (81.25%):
Polly 67%
Victoria 100%
Zoe 68%

Sixth Doctor (58.33%):
Peri 88%
Mel 100%

Seventh Doctor (100%):
Mel 100%
Ace 100%

Eighth Doctor (0%, TVM and Night of the Doctor):
Grace 0% (TVM only)


That’s it for now. More next week. I think. I may even actually write something about my thesis for a change. 


Author: Ilse A Ras

There are times when I am doing research on crime news and language; sometimes I'm obsessed, sometimes I'm bored, and sometimes my tea is getting cold.

One thought on “Doctor Who: Some (Gallifreyan) Statistics”

  1. As technology increases, so does the ratio of old people to young people, so there are probably about 50% more people on Gallifrey than you estimated(or something).

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